A breathtakingly beautiful property with views as far as the eye can see

This magnificent property and country home was previously owned by one of Australia’s most respected and well- known Astrologers, the late Richard Sterling, author, radio and TV personality who lived on this property between 1964 – 2013.

Richard started a career as an accomplished concert pianist, lived in London for 7 years and studied at the Conservatorium of music, where he befriended Joan Sutherland.

Dr William Tucker, Astrologer to the Royal Family

Divine providence came into play when Richard met Dr William Tucker, the astrologer to the Royal Family and with whom he was fortunate enough to take master classes in astrology.

He returned to Australia in 1963 determined to make it big in Astrology and within 12 months was a guest on an Australian television show, “7 Days” hosted by Anne Deveson where he used astrology to analyse mystery guests…. and so his new career took off.

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Richard Sterling

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Women’s Weekly Column 1981

“Stars In Your Life” – Australia’s First Astrology Programme – Channel 7

Imagine his excitement – Channel 7 agreed to host Richard in his own Astrology show for the very first time on television in a daily programme called “Stars In Your Life 1965-67. The audience loved his flamboyant and warm hearted personality, he was perfect for television and very popular.

In the 1970’s Richard was offered a regular TV spot on “The Don Lane Show” and later the “Bob Rogers Radio Show on 3UZ in Melbourne.

Richard had a huge following through his Astrology columns in the Women’s Day over a 14yr period, and 25yrs with the Women’s Weekly magazine, where he worked closely with Ita Buttrose, Editor in Chief.

The Gardens were his “HAPPY PLACE”

The Gardens were his “happy place” where he found his peace and meditated for inspiration when writing his articles and books on Astrology.

With time on his hands after leaving the Weekly, Richard was inspired by the many beautiful spring gardens in the mountains, to eventually build his very own enchanting “Garden of the Stars” with the 12 Astrology signs, posted along pathways that flowed all the way down to the Prince Henry bushwalk.

A magical backdrop of breathtaking escarpment views, with the gardens in full bloom, was as close to heaven as you could get, and a blessing to behold.

With the help of an Italian Stonemason it took 12 months to literally carve garden beds with sandstone pathways, into the rugged sloping escarpment.

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Garden of The Stars Original Hand Written Design

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Garden in Leo

“GARDEN OF THE STARS” ~ The World’s First Zodiac Garden opened 28th March 1992

It was the first and only show garden in the world to be based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Each sign has it’s own special place strategically positioned in the garden according to it’s characteristics and not in the usual order.

Each visitor was given a map of the garden showing the location of each zodiac sign. For example, LEO with it’s golden mane has a fairytale gazebo in the centre of the garden, as Leo’s like to be the centre of attention – beside a Golden Elm and Golden Laburnum tree.

The gardens were featured on Burke’s Backyard TV show and later on Gardening Australia. Richard couldn’t wait to open his garden masterpiece to the general public, with proceeds going to his favourite charity, the Handicapped Children’s Home.

The gardens were opened weekends and public holidays during autumn and spring with busloads of people from Sydney exploring it’s beauty, whilst Richard gave talks on how astrology and the planets influenced their lives. These gardens became almost as famous as he was.

Over the years Richard and his wife Joy hosted parties and musical events with some of his friends from his television days,

Don Lane, who had his own show The Don Lane Show 1975 -1983,

Stuart Wagstaff, who compered “Beauty and the Beast” 1966-68,

Bill Collins, the famous movie critic, “Mr Movies” and hosted” the Golden Years of Hollywood” 1963-2018,

Burt Newton, an Australian TV legend and Gold Logie award winning entertainer, radio, theatre and TV personality, and Patty Newton his wife and Australian showbiz legend,

And Ita Buttrose, Editor in Chief Australian Women’s Weekly 1975-81.

He would often play one of his favourite Bechstein Grand Pianos, of which he proudly owned three grand pianos.

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Written in the Stars

Just as the property found Richard all those years ago, it also found Dalia Isles in April 2017 as it’s next custodian.

“I remember reading Richard’s Astrology columns in the 1980’s and much later studying Numerology during my time in recruitment. I found it beneficial and quite accurate in guiding applicants during their job search. After many years in the corporate world and nearing retirement I was looking for a lifestyle change in the Blue Mountains”… recalls Dalia.

When it’s meant to be it happens quickly

This enchanting property came up for sale within a week of looking, through an old high school friend who happened to work for Belle Real Estate in Leura.

Having taught meditation for many years and a career in Spiritual Counselling, this was the perfect property for Dalia to enjoy and to share with others.

Situated on an energy ley line and so close to the escarpment, made this property quite unique, with it’s beautiful healing energy, palpably felt by many guests – it was the perfect getaway for rest and rejuvenation.

This house is full of love and perfect for couples to take time out to celebrate and rekindle their love for each other.

It is indeed a great honour and a privilege to share Dalia’s Blue Mountain Retreat with you, as Richard would have wanted.

We look forward to hosting you!